Are all the Forrest Grey jewellery pieces made from solid gold?

Yes, all of our Forrest Grey jewellery pieces are 9ct Solid Gold, never plated. 

Do you import your jewellery?

No, all of our pieces from the Forrest Grey Collection are made locally here in South Africa. 

Do you do refunds or exchanges?

Sure, please refer to our Returns policy.

How do I know my ring size?

In order to get the perfect fit, is so important to ensure that you get your correct ring size. There are a few ways to measure your own finger at home, but we personally recommend that you rather pop into your nearest local jeweller and get your finger sized in person. This would be the most accurate and would be our number 1 choice to go with. Should that not be possible, here are a few tips on how to measure it by yourself at home (in South Africa we make use of the alphabetical UK sizing model): 

+ Temperatures play quite a big role when measuring your finger. Before you start, make sure that your finger isn’t too hot as it will swell or too cold as it will shrink. + Make use of a material that does not allow any stretching such as plastic or a thick wire. + Please do not use a string that might stretch and cause an inaccurate measurement. + Pick your finger and gently wrap it around the area where you would like the ring to fit, clearly marking the point where your plastic or wire meets.+Flatten out the piece used and measure the length marked using a ruler. 

Important note: Please keep in mind that the ring will have to still go over your knuckles easily, so make sure that you go up half a size or even a full size if you have large knuckles.